Donations from Indian Citizens

Donations from Indian Citizens (even if living and earning in foreign currency abroad but holding Indian Citizenship) can be transferred directly into our ICICI account.

We have 80G registration by which you can claim 50% income tax exemption on your donated amount.  Just email us at to let us know the donation details and where to send receipt and tax exemption certificate.

Bank                                      : Punjab National Bank

          Branch                                   : Bongaigaon

Account Name                      :THE ANT

Acc No                                  : 1201000100106170

IFSC Code for RTGS           : PUNB0120100


Donations from Non-Indian Citizens

We are registered to receive foreign funds and donations from foreign nationals can be transferred directly into our foreign contribution bank account with the following details:

Bank                       : STATE BANK OF INDIA,

Bank Branch          : New Delhi Main Branch

Bank Address        : 11 Sansad Marg, New Delhi, Delhi – 110001


FCRA ACC NO       : 40239900795



Donors living in the U.S can get tax exemption if you route the donation to the ant through ARPAN FOUNDATION –  run by our friends who will wire the money to us for no charges once a certain amount is collected. Just mention that you would like to donate to the ant. Please check out their website at . Sh. Anand Karia is the contact person at Arpan. They are doing a wonderful job and is a huge help to us.