Mr. Netaji Basumatary

Mr. Netaji Basumatary, Trustee & Chairperson of the Board (Guwahati) – a social work professional who has done his M.A in Social Work Administration from TISS, Mumbai; Netaji hails from the local area of Rowmari. He is currently heading the Northeast Regional Office of Indo-Global Social Service Society, a non-profit organisation implementing development projects and also supporting development NGOs in different parts of India.

Dr. Sunil Kaul

Dr. Sunil Kaul, Founder Trustee who is currently the Managing Trustee and also CEO (based in the ant’s campus in Rowmari) – A public health doctor who has consulted on malaria, T.B , Maternal and Child Health and other public health issues with national & international agencies; has over 10 years experience in the Army as a medical doctor and associated with Development Sector for over 30 years.

Ms. Himalini Verma

Ms. Himalini Verma, Trustee (Kolkata) – a design professional from (NID) National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad; she co-founded and is currently the Director of Thoughtshop Foundation, a not-for-profit social communication organisation based in Kolkata. She is skilled at developing innovative, health communication strategies and tools. Her experience covers challenging work with children, youth and women in difficult circumstances.

Mr. Debojit Brahma

Mr. Debojit Brahma, Trustee (Rowmari, Chirang) – A printer & publisher by profession; Debojit also heads the Bodo Cultural Association; he has also translated and printed a number of books into the Bodo Language.

Mr. V.K Madhavan

Mr. V.K Madhavan, Trustee (New Delhi) – Ex-Executive Director, CHIRAG, a large voluntary organisation working in many districts in the Himalayan State of Uttarakhand; Madhavan is now based in Delhi and heads the India Chapter of WaterAid, U.K ; has experience of working in senior positions in NGOs for 25 years and as a consultant for national and international NGOs.

Ms. Angela Rangad

Ms. Angela Rangad, Trustee (Shillong) – is a right to information and gender rights activist based in Shillong. Trained in gender rights and also as a lawyer, Angela organises vulnerable populations such as street vendors to struggle for justice and for their entitlements.

Ms. Gitarani Bhattacharya

Ms. Gitarani Bhattacharya, Trustee (Guwahati) – is a gender rights activist who has led the Assam chapter Assam Mahila Samata Society, a government of India programme for women’s empowerment for almost two and a half decades. She has worked actively in mobilising grassroots women leadership to collectivise and fight for their rights from society and from the state.

Mr. Dhananjay Brahma

Mr. Dhanjay Brahma, Trustee (Guwahati) – hails from neighbouring village of Dhahalapara in Rowmari. He is currently working as a lecturer of English in Bengtol College, around 25 kms from the ant’s campus. Dhananjay is very active in the local area and also in promoting the work of the ant among college students and his colleagues.

Some of our Ex-Trustees 

Late Sh. Ravindranath Upadhyay (Founder Trustee)

One of our founder trustee, Sh. Ravindranath Upadhyay – a Gandhian of repute who worked in Assam for over 50 years – passed away in April 2010. Sh. Upadhyay was the recipient of the Padmashri, one of the highest civilian awards in India.

Late Mr. Jyoti Basumatary

Mr Jyoti Basumatary, was the Head of Department of Bodo in Bongaigaon College, Bodo writer & thinker; works in various capacities with a number of community based organizations. One of the most ardent supporters of the ant from the local area of Rowmari, he passed away in May 2018.