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To start making and feeling a difference in society, we cannot work alone. We need a strong voluntary sector with many more development organisations. Thus, apart from its own direct village development work, the ant has set itself a mandate of helping build up a vibrant voluntary sector in the Northeast. IDeA was set up in 2007, as an initiative of the ant to support the efforts of civil society to hasten the pace of development in the Northeast region of India. Apart from supporting and handholding NGOs through grants, training, networking etc., IDeA is also involved in carrying out Northeast centric social research on various topics.

The 3C strategy of IDeA addresses the three roles that IDeA has set for itself - firstly, of building up capacities of small NGOs and helping them move to the next level of growth; secondly, to forge strong linkages between the voluntary sector of the northeast; and thirdly, through research and advocacy, to advise larger policy change even as IDeA takes on short and longer assignments for it's own sustainability while providing services and support the voluntary sector. IDeA is led by experienced development practitioners who help this effort by building Govt. and non-Govt. organisations that are more capable, responsible & responsive to achieve sustainable development outcomes. Currently IDeA's financial and training support to other small NGOs in the northeast reaches out to more than 5000 beneficiaries in almost 90 villages.