Remote Areas Development Programme

Even among the poorly developed villages in the Bodoland areas, villages in the Bhutan border areas are more vulnerable. With poor roads, dependence on forests, active militant groups etc. most of these villages along the India- Bhutan border have not seen much of government input for years. Households subsist on poor agriculture yield from land which belong to the forest and whenever there is a crisis – largely for medical treatment or other household emergencies - they go into the forest and cut trees to sell as firewood. This has led to huge depletion of rich forest resources. Hence, we have been working to help families in these vulnerable areas improve their food security. A supplementary income will reduce their need to sell firewood for cash and also improve their health and nutritional status.

The Remote Areas Development Areas programme as the name suggest does just that - Focus on “Communities living in remote, hard to reach border areas to have development with dignity and the government takes responsibility for their development” .

In Deosri Forest Area – we get support from Arpan Foundation to work on improving education quality, making kitchen gardens & developing horticulture; organizing women for their empowerment

In Kuklung Forest Area, we have just started work a couple of months ago and are building a demo farm and also started kitchen gardens and planting fruit trees