Student Interns and Volunteers

Every year, the ant gets many requests and also hosts a number students and young professionals for varying amounts of time. Depending on the skills, interest, experience of the volunteer and intern, we design a learning programme for that person, which is mutually beneficial both for the intern and also for the organisation.

The student interns and volunteers take in the various field programmes of the ant as well as in help us out in carrying out studies and research. With its varied and multi-level activities and programmes, generally, we are able to match the interests of the volunteers with that of the organization.

If you are interested, please do write to us at

Donate to Support Our Work

Thanks to your support, we have been able to do, will continue to do so and expand our work and reach out to many more.

Donations from Indian Citizens (even if living and earning in foreign currency abroad but holding Indian Citizenship) can be transferred directly into our ICICI account. We have 80G registration by which you can claim 50% income tax exemption on your donated amount. Just email us at to let us know the donation details and where to send receipt and tax exemption certificate.

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THE ANT (the action northeast trust)

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Donations from Non-Indian Citizens: We are registered to receive foreign funds and donations from foreign nationals can be transferred directly into our foreign contribution bank account with the following details:

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Donors living in the U.S can get tax exemption if you route the donation to the ant through

ARPAN FOUNDATION – run by our friends who will wire the money to us for no charges once a certain amount is collected. Just mention that you would like to donate to the ant. Please check out their website at

Sh. Anand Karia is the contact person at Arpan. They are doing a wonderful job and is a huge help to us.