Promoting Peace and Justice

Creating Spaces for Peace
Life does not automatically “become normal” for affected communities after a severe conflict. Cracks need joining, breaks need mending and conflicts need healing. Wave after wave of ethnic conflict has broken down a lot of relationships between our communities. The entire team of the ant is now actively “doing” peace in all our programmes.

An extra programme looks at ways of Promoting pluralism, diversity and peace through creating spaces for interaction and dialogues between communities in conflict

Create “safe spaces” where people from communities in conflict can mix and interact – through sports/ culture/ common issues / common celebrations & events

Promote conflict resolution forums so that communities in conflict can dialogue and explore non-violent actions for settling conflicts.

Using drama as a medium for helping young people not just explore bias, stereotypes and non-violent ways of resolving conflicts but to take the message to others.

Getting women leaders from our SHGs and federations to create spaces where women

Taking a stance and publically standing up against violence – through rallies, peace marches, public demonstrations etc.

Legal Aid Centre
Justice and peace are two sides of the same coin. On the 1st June 2014, we started a Legal Aid Centre on our campus to offer free legal advice and help
to people who need. Lawyers and paralegals helps solve cases of the community through both legal advice and also if the case needs to go to court, then
legal aid.